Reiki energy attunement

I’m an intuitive reiki practitioner, which means I can sense an unbalance in the body and the mind.

I provide:

  • reiki services for individuals that vary depending on their personal needs
  • reiki can aid relaxation
  • speed up the natural healing processes
  • help develop emotional and mental well being.

Magnified Healing®

Magnified Healing® is a  beautiful and profound healing and can assist in:

  • clearing and balancing the charkas
  • realigning the meridians in the body
  • heal the past and karma
  • harmonises the nervous systems
  • heal the heart and soul


I can teach anyone how to meditate anytime, anywhere, when you need it.

It doesn’t require you to:

  • stop thinking
  • sit in any uncomfortable positions
  • have a lot of time.

Meditation or Reiki for Corporates

Stress in the workplace can create stress-related illness and slow productivity.

Reiki is one of the few modalities that can effectively treat a range of issues including mental and emotional stress and physical issues in the body in a none intrusive and gentle way.

Having a regular Corporate Reiki program can help with wellbeing and morale in the workplace and boost productivity.

Meditation for Schools

I can tailor a meditation program to meet the needs of your students. There are different issues that I can address through teaching mindfulness/meditation practice.

After years of battling debilitating depression and anxiety a friend of mine referred me to Angela's reiki services. Angela's caring nature and professional approach at last delivered the relief and inner calmness. I had been searching for both in mind, body and spirit. With my new found energy and zest for life back I cannot recommend Angela's services highly enough.