Meditation or Reiki for Corporates

Corporate Meditation

In today’s workforce, employees have to deal with an increased amount of information and distractions.

Constant demands on deadlines, emails, texts, instant messaging and phone calls. Employees spend a lot of their time managing information overload, resulting in an inability to make and process decisions efficiently. In turn, it slows down productivity and effective decision making.

A corporate meditation program can help with

  • mental clarity
  • better concentration
  • process information overload
  • memory
  • managing stress
  • helping the body relax
  • job satisfaction.

Anyone can participate. Programs can be tailored to meet your business needs.  All I require is space such as a conference or meeting room. 

Corporate Reiki Program

Stress in the workplace can create stress-related illness and slow productivity.

Reiki is one of the few modalities that can effectively treat a range of issues including mental and emotional stress and physical issues in the body in a none intrusive and gentle way.

Having a regular Corporate Reiki program can help with wellbeing and morale in the workplace and boost productivity.

Benefits of Corporate Reiki

  • Releases emotions such as anxiety and physical pressure that is held in the body
  • Improves mental clarity to improve productivity
  • Can reduce physical issues such as blood pressure 
  • Can improve concentration and mental fatigue
  • Can improve energy
  • Can relieve physical pain
  • Can create a sense of calm
  • Can promote natural healing and boost the immune system.

Reiki does not require any preparation and the clients stay fully clothed. All I need is space such as a conference or meeting room. (Sessions are 15-20 minutes each and can take place during lunch or tea breaks.)